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Here is a little background to help you decipher the chart below.  The legislative history of a California statute is comprised of individual bill files, such as policy committee bill files, fiscal bill files, Governor's bill files, etc.  Those individual bill files are then combined to create one legislative history report.  So in the chart below, when we speak of files, we are referring to those individual bill files that are merged together to create the legislative history report. 

Price $275 max,flat fee $205-$455, depending on turnaround, plus $0.30/pg $275-$610, depending on turnaround, plus $0.30/pg
Turnaround Time Immediate download 1-10 business days 1-10 business days
Authentication Self-authenticating,
signed authentication
available for $75
Signed authentication included Signed authentication included
Completeness Contains files we have
in-house for the main bill;
more files may be available;
follow-up research $75/hr
Contains all available files
for the main bill;
follow-up research $75/hr
Contains all available files for the main bill, plus any relevant background research (failed bills, interim hearings, etc.)
When to buy It's a great deal for all chaptered laws from 1943-mid 1980's; after that, it's still a steal if the price comes back as $275. If the price is less than that, call to discuss Perfect for bills from the mid-80's onward, when the Online Store price is less than $275 Our most comprehensive option, for when you need in-depth research which includes relevant background research

         These are just meant to be general guidelines, and do not apply in all cases.
If you have any questions at all about which report type to choose
for your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact us:
916-442-7660 or