Federal Research

The nature of federal legislative history research is potentially quite expansive. Frequently other bills "feed" into the final measure and each have their own historical trails. Researching the right "feeder" bill is essential, and can take many hours to identify and research fully. Also, the era involved will affect the availability and location of materials. We have developed a methodology that allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective report possible. Read more...

Report Features. Our reports are designed to be exceptionally user-friendly. A helpful annotated index is prepared providing essential guidance regarding the contents of the report and supplying limited points and authorities. The entire report is authenticated, citing sources for each of the records and is bate stamped for easy reference.

Fees. All of LRI's Federal Legislative History research projects are billed hourly according to the following schedule, along with the specified additional charges.  An authorization of 8 hours for each Public Law researched is required.

Project Periods
(Business Days)
Hourly Rate

**The California State Library in downtown Sacramento is one of the primary sources of research materials.  Unfortunately, timely access to the library's collections may be negatively due to library hours, the unavailability of materials, and other considerations.  Projects will be completed as soon as possible.


Additional Charges

Digital Report

  • $0.30 per page for digital processing

Note: Orders placed by 10:00 am trigger that same day for inclusion in the project period.  Weekends and State Holidays are not included in the project period.