Other States: Legislative & Regulatory History

Legislative Research & Intent LLC has been a leader in providing legislative and regulatory history research since its founding in 1983. While we specialize in California research, we have also acquired substantial expertise in identifying and obtaining the key legislative and regulatory history materials from other states as well. It is a hodgepodge out there. Some states have extensive legislative and regulatory history collections. Others have little to none. With respect to legislative records, many can be found on the free online legislative websites. However many unpublished documents are only available offline, including records kept by legislative committees, bill authors, governors and more.

Here is how LRI can help you obtain a thorough legislative or regulatory history report on a state statute or regulation:

Step One.  Complimentary Service: We undertake a complimentary search for an in-state commercial research firm. If a referral cannot be found, we do the research for you.

Step Two. Identification of Act(s) to Research: When were your terms of interest added? It is important to identify the act(s) that added your terms of interest for focused, relevant research.

Step Three. Obtain the Legislative or Regulatory Records: Research projects are processed on an expedited basis. While we cannot control how quickly the public entities will respond, we stay in constant contact with them until the documents are received.


Step One.  Free.

Step Two. A $175 per hour charge may apply depending on the complexity involved in identifying the act(s) that added the key statutory or regulatory terms. On the other hand, no charges accrue if you identify the key act(s).

Step Three.1-5 hours at $175 per hour per bill or regulatory promulgation based on a two-week turnaround.

  • The two-week time frame is an approximation which takes into account potential delays by the various state entities. We commence the research immediately, press the research sites for expedited responses and transmit records to you as soon as we receive them. It is not unusual to receive a rapid turnaround in response to our requests.
  • Weekends and State Holidays are not included.
  • Orders placed by 10:00 am PST trigger that same day for inclusion in the project period.

Additional Charges. Copy and shipment reimbursement costs may apply. Other fees may apply depending on the scope of the project or if on-site research by LRI is required.