Core Research

Bills Enacted from 1943 - Current

LRI History LLC has been a leader in providing custom legislative history research on California statutes since our founding in 1983. In the past two decades we have acquired substantial expertise in identifying and obtaining the key legislative history materials generated during a bill’s enactment and related materials which the courts utilize in construing a statute. LRI offers an exciting line of high quality research services geared to meet nearly every budget and deadline. Our in-depth, authenticated Custom Reports come with all the high quality features and budget options that have made us a leader in our field over the past two decades.

But – let us assume that money is extremely tight and you do not require all the bells and whistles included in our Custom Reports on a bill of interest dated 1943 or later. This usually means that you either do without, or you try to assemble the research yourself remotely. If you could teleport to Sacramento, you would first gather a core report that consisted primarily of the bill versions, final calendar, substantive Journal entries, and legislative files housed in the State Archives collection and/or various State Capitol offices. Here’s the good news. LRI offers our considerable expertise and feet on the ground in Sacramento to get you that core report at huge savings. Now there is no need to wish you had a Scotty to beam you up! LRI’s core reports are designed to give you a fundamental understanding of what your bill intended to accomplish.

LRI's Core Reports Include:
LRI's Core Reports Do Not Include:
A signed and dated authentication
Additional research on prior legislation, interim hearings, etc. 
Organization by source
Bill analyses separated and in chronological order
Points & Authorities for gaining judicial notice
In-depth organization within each source file
Basic Table of Contents
Detailed Table of Contents


Project Periods
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Research Fee

Plus $0.30/pg for digital processing

Note: All project periods begin the business day following the confirmation of the order.  Weekends and State Holidays are not included in the project period.