Constitutional History

LRI History LLC possesses considerable experience in researching the history of specific terms found in California’s Constitution. Our research methodologies are shaped by the processes and influences that gave rise to the revisions of interest. For example, the proceedings and debates surrounding California’s constitutional conventions of 1849 and 1878-9 provide insights regarding the intent of terms that have survived to this day. Also, since the Constitution can only be revised by the people at a state wide election, the ballot materials are considered indicative of voter intent. However, since propositions can either be placed on the ballot by the people via the initiative process or by Legislative referendum, the surrounding historical circumstances that gave rise to the propositions are also relevant.

Our final research is accompanied by a signed authentication and an in-depth index with helpful guiding comments and points and authorities for gaining judicial notice.

All California constitutional history research projects are billed hourly according to the following schedule along with the specified additional charges. An authorization of 8 hours is required.


Project Periods
(Business Days)
Hourly Rate


Additional Charges

Digital Report

  • $0.30 per page for digital processing

Note: All projects begin the business day following the confirmation of the order.  Weekends and State Holidays are not included in the project period.