Other Government Research

As is readily apparent from a review of our Service Areas, Legislative Research & Intent LLC (LRI) provides a number of options for historical research affecting the enactment of laws. What is not so apparent is the beneficial, collateral affect our research has had on our general knowledge of governmental processes and activities across the board. LRI makes this collateral expertise available for any government related research project.

Examples of projects areas we have undertaken in this category are:

  • Regulatory history of all U.S. jurisdictions – all states, federal
  • Local ordinance history, all states
  • California Secretary of State filings
  • Special reports on a number of topics

If you require information involving any aspect of government related activities, feel free to call us toll free at (800) 530-7613 for a complimentary consultation. Or you can get the ball rolling with an e-mail to intent@lrihistory.com. Sometimes we can point you in the right direction. Other times it makes sense to retain our services. In either case, we consider it a privilege to be on your team.