Regulatory Research

LRI History LLC is widely acknowledged as an in-depth source of expertise when it comes to researching the history of California administrative rules and regulations. We offer two major categories of research in this area – reconstructing prior law and rulemaking file research. 

Ordering Information

Reconstructing Prior Law
Unlike California Statutes, the annotated codes for the California Code of Regulations are both unclear and complex, making interpreting them extremely difficult. LRI has developed a time-tested methodology for getting around these short-comings. The rate is $125/hr. 

Rulemaking File Research
Processing a Public Records Act (PRA) request takes 1-3 hours, depending on how much the agency drags its feet. For this service we charge $75/hr, plus additional digital processing costs. However, prior to submitting the PRA request, we generally recommend that you take advantage of our "Reconstructing Prior Law" service, where we identify which administrative register(s) first promulgated the terms at issue. This will ensure that we are requesting the correct documents on your behalf.

Reproduction Costs
If the agency has preserved its files for public access, there are three options for obtaining the records:

  • The agency can provide the copies at its posted charges.
  • The client can retain a contract copy service which will authenticate its work. We can also provide a referral. (We do not receive a referral fee for this complimentary service.) We recommend digital scanning for word searches if the files are lengthy.
  • If the collection is so voluminous that it is cost prohibitive to copy/scan all the records, we are available to comb through the collection at $175/hr. The relevant records will be tagged and prepared for a contract copy service.