LRI History LLC (LRI) has specialized in providing in-depth research on the history and intent of legislative and constitutional enactments at the federal, state, and local levels since 1983.  The courts routinely treat our research reports the same way they treat case authority for construing legislative intent (see CCP § 1859).

LRI is known for providing thorough, relevant, and targeted research at competitive rates.  Complimentary consultations to narrow the scope and cost of your project are de rigueur with us.  One appreciative, seasoned attorney summed it up when he said "this is obviously more than a business for you."  We invite you to find out for yourself. 



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Now, in addition to our regular roster of research services, you can download directly from our unique Online Store for California legislative history.  These reports may not contain all available files, but they are a great starting point for gaining an understanding the Legislature's intent.

This rich collection consists of our expansive digital library, and more files are added regularly.  Affordable fees range from $50-$275.  Every regular session bill that became law from 1943 through 2010 is covered in this database.  From 2011 to current, if your bill is not found, consider our Custom or Core Reports. For online store ordering information, click here.


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