Regulatory Research

LRI is widely acknowledged as an in-depth source of expertise when it comes to researching the history of California administrative rules and regulations. We offer two major categories of research in this area – reconstructing prior law and rulemaking file research. 

Reconstructing Prior Law
Unlike California Statutes, the annotated codes for the California Code of Regulations are both unclear and complex, making interpreting them extremely difficult. LRI has developed a time-tested methodology for getting around these short-comings. The rate is $125/hr. 

Rulemaking File Research 
For submitting a Public Records Act (PRA) request, we charge $125/hr, plus any necessary reimbursements. However, prior to submitting the PRA request, we generally recommend that you take advantage of our “Reconstructing Prior Law” service, where we identify which administrative register(s) first promulgated the terms at issue. This will ensure that we are requesting the correct documents on your behalf.

Federal Research

The nature of federal legislative history research is potentially quite expansive, but over the years we have developed a methodology that allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective report possible.  All of LRI’s Federal Legislative History research projects are billed hourly.  An authorization of 5-8 hours for each Public Law researched is recommended.

Project Period
(Business Days)
Hourly Research Fee
Plus $0.30/pg. All project periods begin the business day following the confirmation of the order. Weekends and State Holidays are not included.

Other States

While we specialize in California research, we have also acquired substantial expertise in identifying and obtaining the key legislative history materials from other states as well. It is a hodgepodge out there. Some states have extensive legislative history collections. Others have little to none.  Our first step is to try to locate an in-state commercial research firm we can refer you to.  This is done on a complimentary basis.  If no commercial firm can be found, we will conduct the research remotely, at a rate of $125/hr.  Although it will vary from state to state, most projects can be completed in 1-5 hours.  Additional copy and shipment reimbursement charges may apply.